£10,000 PPI Payout for Pensioner

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Aug 30, 2022
2 minutes read

Pam Ritchie originally received a £20,000 settlement for mis-sold PPI back in 2013, but because of Plevin PPI, she’s been awarded a further £10,000. Normally, if you’ve had compensation for PPI in the past, you’re unable to make a further claim, but Ritchie has now set a precedent.

The PPI deadline was 29th August 2019. No further claims could be made after this date, but the landmark case of Susan Plevin has since changed all that, as this entitled Ritchie to a further payout on top of her previous claim after the 2019 deadline.

Susan Plevin took her case to the Supreme Court in 2014, alleging the contract was unclear and unfair as, unbeknownst to her, most of it was commission. 71.8% of Plevin’s PPI was commission and this was never relayed to her.

The Supreme Court found Plevin in favour in this landmark ruling because they deemed the relationship unfair for failing to disclose the staggering amount of commission. The court ruled that if commission is more than 50% of the cost of PPI and you weren’t informed, you’re due the extra money back above that.

Following this case, new claims are automatically checked for Plevin. This has been happening since 29th August 2017 and has been saving people thousands of pounds.

So Pam Ritchie has found herself with an extra £10,000 that she wasn’t otherwise expecting to receive, all thanks to the precedent set by Plevin in 2014. In doing so, she’s set a precedent of her own with a double payout.

The good news is, even if you’ve been rejected for a PPI claim in the past, you’re more than likely eligible for a Plevin PPI claim. Plevin PPI is a separate claim from mis-sold PPI, focussing instead on the undisclosed profits made in the process.

Providers of PPI loans can get in contact with you to explain the Plevin process, but there’s no need to wait. You can find out if you’re eligible to make a claim by filling in a few details using our online form.