Here’s How Households Can Receive A £400 Energy Payment

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Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Aug 03, 2022
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Homeowners have had their wallet hit hard with the rise in inflation and high energy prices, leaving many people struggling to keep up.

According to the BBC, the government has announced a plan for all households in England, Scotland and Wales to receive £400 to combat the rising fuel bills this autumn.

It will be part of the Energy Bill Support Scheme which will be paid in six instalments. Homeowners will see a £66 discount applied to their energy bills in October and November, and then £67 a month from December to March 2023.

How Can You Receive The Energy Payment?

Smart Metre Owners

Customers with a domestic electricity meter who pay by direct debit (monthly or quarterly) or by card will see a deduction off their bills automatically.

Those with a ‘smart meter’ will see a monthly top-up added to their account automatically, which means they will have to add less credit to their meter for the total energy they use.

Non Smart Metre Owners

Those without a ‘smart meter’ will not receive the money automatically. They will instead receive an energy bill discount voucher in the first week of each month, via text, email or in the post.

Customers will have to redeem these in person at their usual top-up point, such as the nearest Post Office.

Who Can Receive The Energy Payment

The £400 energy payment will apply to households in England, Scotland and Wales. All homeowners are eligible for the full £400, regardless of income or size of house.

The Treasury is still in discussion about how to make the payment to households in Northern Ireland.

Additional Support

Cost of Living Payment

In addition to the £400 payment, you might be eligible to receive a cost of living payment of £650 paid in 2 lump sums of £326 and £324 if you get payments of any of the following:

  • Universal Credit

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

  • Income Support

  • Pension Credit

  • Child Tax Credit

  • Working Tax Credit

Depending on what you receive, you are likely to get paid somewhere between July to December 2022. For more information, you can visit

Winter Fuel Payment

The winter fuel payment, also known as ‘heating allowance’, is an annual tax-free payment from the Department of Work and Pensions for the elderly.

Anyone who is eligible can receive between £100-£300 each year.

This year the Government will give around eight million pensioners an extra £300 to help with the cost of living crisis.

The winter fuel payment will be available for households that include someone born on or before 25th September 1956.

You must also live in the UK during the week of 19-25th September 2022.

Former Chancellor Rishi Sunak stated in the Commons that pensioners will receive the winter fuel payment by autumn 2022.

You will get a letter telling you how much you’ll receive and an estimated payment date. At the very latest, you should be paid by 13th January 2023. However, if you don’t receive your payment, you can contact the winter fuel payment centre.

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