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A Guide to a Successful Claim for Jaguar Land Rover Diesel Emissions

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jul 10, 2023
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  • How to make a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim
  • Evidence against Jaguar Land Rover
  • How long a diesel emissions claim can take

When it comes to making a diesel emissions claim, more carmakers are coming under the spotlight. Now, a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim can be made. It’s all thanks to evidence that’s been in the public domain for several years. This forms the basis for the company being taken to court. There are also other claims against Jaguar Land Rover, which are detailed later.

This article will explain what a claim for diesel emissions is. It will also give the evidence against the car manufacturer and their response. It will detail exactly how you can go about making a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim and how long it could take. As taking a vehicular behemoth to court is not possible for members of the public, a group claim is the only option.

Jaguar and Land Rover logos against a blue sky backdrop

What Is a Claim for Diesel Emissions?

The VW dieselgate scandal revealed that millions of vehicles were fitted with defeat devices. Making a claim for diesel emissions is about if manufacturers have been hiding true levels of emissions. Whether manufacturers like Jaguar and Land Rover have made use of defeat devices is open to debate. Making a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim is essentially a way to receive compensation for this deception.

Diesel vehicles with higher emissions than legally permitted can be fixed. This reduces emissions to acceptable levels. In doing so, this could lower the efficiency that you used to get from your car. Fixed vehicles can then cost more in upkeep, so a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim compensates you for this.

What’s the Evidence Against Jaguar Land Rover?

The law firm spearheading legal claims against Jaguar Land Rover is Leigh Day. They believe the evidence they need to fight their case for Jaguar Land Rover diesel claims is already available. It focuses on two separate reports about diesel emissions that were undertaken in the last decade. These followed allegations against Volkswagen Group.


Land Rover Vector

In September 2017, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) published a white paper. They compared real-world emissions of diesel vehicles across Europe. Laboratory testing already produces much lower results than real-world conditions. This report highlighted emissions issues in diesel vehicles across different manufacturers. Based on the evidence in this white paper, a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim looks likely to succeed.

The ICCT tested 541 cars across 145 models, looking at both CO₂ and NOₓ emissions. Initial findings demonstrated an endemic problem with diesel cars. With NOₓ emissions, only 10% of cars tested outperformed the conformity factor. 16% of cars exceeded the testing limit but met real-driving emissions (RDE) limits. Alarmingly, 74% of cars exceeded both limits. Conformity factors for both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles were at least double the legal limit.

The RDE testing procedure came into effect under EU regulations in September 2017. The findings demonstrated how manufacturers were unable to meet stricter real-world emissions limits. Even though they passed tests in controlled laboratory conditions, this is an issue. It gives grounds to make a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim. Defeat devices could have been used to reduce emissions.

In March 2023, the ICCT reassessed excess NOₓ emissions from European diesel cars. Their findings reported that suspicious NOₓ emissions levels were found in 77-100% of tests and vehicle averages. This indicated that defeat devices are more than likely still in operation in these vehicles, especially as extreme levels were found in 40-75% of tests and vehicle averages. Over 150 models were found to have emissions above the extreme threshold. The Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3L was one such vehicle.

“Evidence in the public domain clearly shows that diesel engines in some Jaguar Land Rover models were fitted with emissions cheat devices so that customers have not been driving around in the low-emissions vehicles they thought they were.”

Oliver Holland – Leigh Day

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

In 2016, the BMVI investigated the emission control system in many vehicles. They found that most manufacturers were adjusting the efficiency of these systems. Most were making use of thermal windows to protect the engine, but this was called into question. Although legally permitted, abusing this window is unlawful. Pushing the boundaries of this is deemed relevant to make a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim.

Of all vehicles tested, the Range Rover was found to have NOₓ levels up to 14 times the legally permitted limit. This was the worst performing vehicle. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 exceeded the legal limit by 6.4 times. Based on this data, it demonstrates the company could have installed defeat devices. They could also have done this across different vehicles. You should be able to make a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim based on the BMVI analysis.

Jaguar Land Rover CO₂ Emissions Recall

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Vector

In 2019, the group recalled vehicles in relation to carbon emissions. This is separate to the Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim. Jaguar and Land Rover recalled 44,000 cars. These were emitting much more carbon dioxide than legal limits allowed. Across 10 models, vehicles affected ranged from years 2016–2019.

While the CO₂ emissions are different to the nitrous oxides emitted, it’s still of concern. The group voluntarily recalled these vehicles to fix them, but is it enough? It could be signs that various emissions cheating devices or software was used. This adds to the case to make a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim.

Jaguar Land Rover Diesel Particulate Filter Claim

Also separate from the Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim is the use of defective components. Diesel particulate filters not fit for purpose were installed in vehicles. This caused drivers to unfairly experience excessive engine wear. The knock-on effect was extra service and replacement costs.

Milberg London has initiated this case. It’s completely different to dieselgate. The law firm is looking to compensate affected drivers with between £3,000 and £16,000 each. The evidence in this case is not about emissions and is not about making a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim. It does highlight that the manufacturer may have been misleading customers for years.

Jaguar Land Rover Dieselgate Response

Naturally, the vehicle manufacturer has denied any claims about using defeat devices. Following dieselgate, they came out with the following statement.

“Jaguar Land Rover does not use emissions cheat devices or software in any of its products. We have not yet seen any technical evidence in relation to this matter and will strongly contest any claims made.”

Jaguar Land Rover

In 2020, abusing thermal windows was ruled as unlawful by the European Court of Justice. They concluded that manufacturers could be using defeat devices by another name. This is in relation to exceeding thermal window limits. Vehicle manufacturers will always deny any wrongdoing. Grey areas within regulations allow them to get away with it. This is why making a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim can bring carmakers to justice.

Making a Jaguar Land Rover Diesel Claim

You could be eligible if you’ve owned or leased a Jaguar or Land Rover since 2009. You can then join the group claim against the manufacturer. Take a look at the affected models below to see if you qualify to make a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim.

Affected Jaguar Models

Claims are being made against the manufacturer together. Jaguar diesel claims can be made if you had one or more of the following models:

Jaguar Logo
  • Jaguar XE

  • Jaguar XF

  • Any diesel Jaguar

A Jaguar diesel emissions claim entitles you to just as much compensation as a Land Rover diesel emissions claim. It’s all part of the same settlement.

Affected Land Rover Models

With a Land Rover diesel claim, you may be affected if you had one or more of the following models:

Land Rover Logo
  • Land Rover Evoque

  • Land Rover Discovery

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport

  • Range Rover Sport

  • Any diesel Land Rover

You can start your Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim by making either a Jaguar diesel claim or a Land Rover one. Any Jaguar Land Rover diesel could be eligible.

How Much Is a Jaguar Land Rover Diesel Claim Worth?

It is very hard to estimate how much a diesel claim is actually going to pay out. The VW dieselgate scandal was settled outside of court, which reduced how much was paid. Some companies specify that you can receive up to £10,000. For a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim, this is an estimate on a best case scenario. More likely, a few thousand pounds will be awarded to each claimant.

How Do I Make a Jaguar Land Rover Diesel Claim?

A joint claim against the manufacturer is the only way to proceed with a diesel emissions claim. Whether you look to go through a law firm or a claims management company, they will both work on a no win, no fee basis. You can approach a law firm directly to ask if they’re taking on Jaguar Land Rover diesel claims. You can also go through a claims management company by getting them to do the legwork for you.

You can start your Jaguar Land Rover emissions claim today by filling in your details.

How Long Will a Diesel Claim Take?

Before making a Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim, it’s important to note that it is not likely to be a quick scenario. This will be the same for other manufacturers as well. Legal battles of this kind can take years to reach any conclusion where a settlement is likely. Some manufacturers haven’t even been taken to court yet, which can delay your claim even further.

You should be prepared for your Jaguar Land Rover diesel claim to last a few years. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make a claim. All vehicle manufacturers may eventually be taken to court. Issues have been found with emissions testing across a range of them. Could you afford to miss out on not receiving money later on down the line?

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