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How Can I Claim Volvo Diesel Emissions Fraud?

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Sep 14, 2023
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  • Everything about Volvo diesel claims, including evidence
  • Compensation for a diesel claim
  • Eligibility for a Volvo diesel claim and how to apply

The VW dieselgate scandal was just the tip of the iceberg in the car making industry. Other manufacturers have been under the spotlight for a number of years after various tests have been conducted all over the world. Now, it’s possible to make a Volvo diesel claim based on evidence against the car manufacturer.

This article will look at what a diesel emissions claim is all about as well as how Volvo is implicated. Data from both the UK and Germany presents the existence of illegal emissions. This article will also discuss thermal windows and how manufacturers might be abusing them to lower their exhaust gases. Finally, it will detail how you can go about making a Volvo diesel claim.

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What Is a Diesel Emissions Claim?

A diesel claim against a manufacturer is a joint claim with other vehicle owners about unacceptable emissions. Whether the car maker has been using defeat devices or software to lower the actual emissions, their vehicles are more polluting than legal limits allow. Making a Volvo diesel claim not only compensates you for driving around in a dirty diesel but brings about corporate accountability.

What’s the Evidence Against Volvo?

It’s all very well believing a car manufacturer might be implicated just because others are, but it pays to look at the evidence. Data has been available for a number of years and yet even the most polluting manufacturers haven’t been brought to justice. A Volvo diesel claim is likely to succeed based on the following data.

The Real Urban Emissions Initiative (TRUE) 2018

Data collected from several car manufacturers demonstrated the discrepancies between emissions in both petrol and diesel models. Volvo’s diesel vehicles were found to be 3.43 more polluting than their petrol counterparts. It wasn’t just Volvo vehicles that were implicated as every manufacturer’s diesel models routinely exceeded laboratory tests and displayed higher emissions.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) 2020

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In Germany, the DUH was investigating Volvo vehicles and found that there were illegal shut down devices in operation. The Volvo XC60 2.0 D3 was measured against Euro 5 diesel emissions standards and exceeded these limits by 11.9 times. Nitrous oxides (NOₓ) were recorded at 2,148mg/km, where the Euro 5 legal limit is only 180mg/km.

The DUH discovered a temperature sensor in the exterior mirror, which was later confirmed by Volvo. When initially testing emissions of the vehicle between temperatures of 9 and 22°C, NOₓ emissions were 4.1 times over the legal limit, at 736mg/km. When an ice pack was placed on the exterior mirror to mimic temperatures of -4 to 6°C, the air purification switched off and that’s when the 2,148mg/km reading was discovered.

“Vehicles like this Volvo XC60 must be shut down or retrofitted with an SCR catalytic converter at Volvo’s expense. […] it’s not just Volvo that cheats customers with diesel vehicles that are actually extremely dirty… The health consequences of this inhumane behaviour - especially for children and city dwellers suffering from asthma - are unacceptable.”

Jürgen Resch – Federal Managing Director of the DUH

Based on the evidence outlined above, a Volvo diesel claim will aim to put right some of the damages caused by these highly polluting vehicles.

How Did Volvo React?

After denying any wrongdoing in regards to illegal defeat devices, Volvo updated its environmental statement.

“We have high ambitions with regards to sustainability and focus on societal as well as environmental aspects of sustainability. We do not wait for regulators to tell us what to do in these areas. Instead, we work continuously to reduce the environmental and social impact of our products and business, and care for our consumers and employees.”

Volvo Care Annual Report 2018

Volvo Showroom

You shouldn’t let a company’s corporate message put you off making a Volvo diesel claim as every manufacturer has denied any wrongdoing throughout the dieselgate scandal. Despite evidence available in the public domain, it would be financially crippling to these firms to admit liability.

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What Are Thermal Windows and Are Manufacturers Abusing Them?

Car manufacturers have been making use of thermal windows for years. Argued to protect the car’s engine and components from damage in cold weather, these reduce the purification of exhaust gases which then increases the amount of pollutants. Thermal windows are a bit of a grey area as they are not universally defined. Lawyers would suggest you can make a Volvo diesel claim on this. Evidence suggests that manufacturers have been leaning on this excuse a bit too much and have been using thermal windows when outside temperatures aren’t considered cold.

In 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that making use of thermal windows was illegal and considered a defeat device in the eyes of vehicle emissions. As manufacturers have been using thermal windows to hide emissions for a number of years, you are able to make a Volvo diesel claim based on this evidence alone. The practice has been endemic across the industry and hasn’t yet been fixed.

What Has Money Saving Expert Said About Diesel Emissions?

When it comes to getting back money, the website likes to keep you informed. A Volvo diesel claim on Martin Lewis’ website is explained as having your vehicle mis-sold to you. On the grounds that unacceptable and illegal NOₓ emissions were being pumped into the environment, you could be owed compensation.

You will have been affected if you bought the vehicle believing it to be more environmentally friendly than it was. In this case, you may even have paid more for it because of its advertised eco credentials, either new or second hand. When you then make a Volvo diesel claim, you are asking for justice for this mis-selling.

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Why Make a Volvo Diesel Claim

You may not be aware of the evidence against the company, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a Volvo diesel claim. Not only is it about holding a company to account based on its actions of burying and hiding the true levels of emissions, but also on the grounds of health, the environment and your pocket. A Volvo diesel claim, in Martin Lewis’ eyes, is about being misled about your purchase.

The health concerns with excessive vehicle emissions contribute to an estimated 13,000 premature deaths a year. NOₓ cause breathing problems and difficulties, while vehicle emissions also contain toxic carbon monoxide. Car pollutants also contribute to the greenhouse gas effect and impact air, soil and water quality. With a highly polluting vehicle, a Volvo diesel claim is about recompense for this damage over the years.

How Much Compensation Am I Likely to Get?

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The amounts on offer for a Volvo diesel claim are hotly disputed. Some sources claim you will receive up to £10,000, while others believe you could get as much as 75% of a vehicle’s value. The truth is, it depends on your situation and whether you owned or leased an affected car.

When the VW emissions scandal was settled, it happened out of court, which severely reduced the payouts to individuals. Even after the company paid claimants, they denied any wrongdoing. In all likelihood, any settlement from a Volvo diesel claim might be at least a few thousand pounds. A manufacturer would prefer to settle the dispute out of the courts.

All Volvo diesel claims are being looked at on a no win, no fee basis. In the event that the car manufacturer isn’t brought to justice in the courts and the expert teams of lawyers lose the case, you shouldn’t be charged a penny.

Eligibility for a Volvo Diesel Emissions Claim

In order to be able to receive any financial compensation, you need to meet the following criteria for a Volvo diesel claim.

  • Purchased or leased a Volvo diesel between 2009 and 2020

  • Bought it outright

  • Financed or leased it

  • Bought it new or second hand

Which Vehicles Are Implicated in the Volvo Diesel Emissions Claim?

While the Volvo XC60 was the one vehicle brought to light in the studies looked at earlier, other models are thought to be affected. These include:

  • Volvo S60 D4

  • Volvo V60 Cross Country D3

Having said this, there’s no reason why every single diesel vehicle isn’t implicated. It’s currently unknown just how widespread these issues are with each manufacturer. There may not yet be evidence to suggest your model was affected, but that shouldn’t put you off making a Volvo diesel claim. New data comes to light every day, especially as more people sign up and start their claims journey.

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How to Start My Volvo Diesel Claim

There are a few ways in which you can proceed with a Volvo diesel claim. You can either approach a law firm directly or make use of a claims management company. Not all law firms will be taking all vehicle manufacturers to court, so you’ll need to check. Claims management companies deal with the whole process for you.

You can start your Volvo diesel claim by clicking on the button below.

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