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How to Successfully Make a TUI Flight Delay Claim

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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Airlines flying in and out of the UK or EU are bound by regulations that protect passenger rights. If you’ve suffered a setback that made you late to your destination or made you miss a connecting flight, you could make a TUI flight delay claim. This compensates you for the inconvenience of waiting around or failing to catch a connection as it wasn’t your fault.

This article will explain what flight delays consist of and how you can successfully make a TUI flight delay claim. From how much you could be entitled to, to the process involved, this article will guide you through the necessary steps. A lot of the time, airlines try to avoid paying out, so using a claims management company can make your life easier.

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What Is Flight Delay?

According to UK flight regulations, a flight is considered delayed if it arrives at least three hours late to its destination. It doesn’t matter if it takes off on time as it can still catch up in the air. The initial timing is from when the plane should have arrived at its destination.

The cut off point is from when the plane lands and at least one passenger door opens.

When it comes to making a TUI flight delay claim, it’s useful to keep an eye on these timings to make sure that you know you have a definite case against the airline.

Situations That Don’t Count

There are situations when you aren’t entitled to flight compensation, and these are known as extraordinary circumstances. The following are exempt as TUI airways has no control over them:

  • Air traffic control decisions

  • Bad weather

  • Political or civil unrest

  • Safety or security concerns

  • Unusual technical problems

Compensation claims can only be accepted if the airline was at fault for the disruption. TUI airlines has a duty of care to ensure everything within their control operates smoothly.

Compensation Amounts for a TUI Flight Delay Claim

The amount of compensation you’re due for a delayed flight is down to two factors: how far the trip was and how long you were delayed for. The flight needs to have been delayed for at least three hours in order to qualify. In terms of distance, there are three distinct bands.

The first band is for flights up to 1,500km, while the second is between 1,500km and 3,500km. The last band is for flights over this range. Each of these bands offers a different amount of compensation for a TUI flight delay claim. The lowest amount is £260 and the highest is £520.

You can see different compensation amounts in the interactive graph below.

If you suffered from an arduous wait at the airport, then why not make a TUI flight delay claim? Considering you could receive up to £2,080 for a family of four, there’s not much reason to leave this misery as a bad memory. Why not turn your delay into a payday?

TUI Flight Delay Compensation Calculator

Now that you know how much various flights are worth according to their delay, why not use our TUI flight delay compensation calculator to find out how much you’d be entitled to?

Enter the amount of hours you were delayed into the search bar and the calculator will tell you how much you could receive when you make a TUI flight delay claim, depending on the distance of your flight.

To get an accurate figure, you can fill in your details and find your flight using the button below. You’ll be starting your claim for TUI flight delay in no time.

TUI Flight Cancellation Compensation

Besides being delayed, you can also receive compensation if TUI cancelled your flight. According to the law, if your flight is cancelled, you can receive a full refund or a replacement flight. The refund also takes into account any and all connections and returns. If you opt for a replacement flight, then compensation works in similar ways to making a TUI flight delay claim.

For a cancelled TUI flight, compensation is dependent on how much notice you received, the length of the flight and how much later it would get you to your destination than your original departure time. The amounts are the same as you’d find when you make a claim for flight delay from TUI.

Flight Departure Board Vector

Cancellation With 7–14 Days’ Notice

Compensation amounts for a cancelled flight with only 7–14 days’ notice are based on the alternative flight. Similar to making a TUI flight delay claim, it depends on how far you’re travelling and how long the delay is compared to your original flight.

The only way you won’t qualify is if your new flight takes off within two hours of your original flight and arrives less than four hours after your original arrival time.

You can see the compensation amounts for a cancellation in the table below.

Cancellation With Less Than 7 Days’ Notice

Compensation amounts for a cancelled flight with less than a week’s notice aren’t as low, seeing as you’re more inconvenienced. Just like making a TUI flight delay claim, the maximum amount you can receive is £520. Again, this is per air passenger.

You won’t qualify if your new flight departs within an hour of your original flight time and arrives within two hours of the original landing time.

Full amounts can be seen in the table below.

Process for a Successful Claim

There are a few options available to you if you’re looking to claim for TUI flight delay. You can make use of a claims management company or pursue the claim with the airline yourself. The first step is to make sure you have the right documents.

Get Your Documents Together

Your TUI flight delay claim can only proceed when you have the right information to hand. This includes:

Airplane Vector
  • Customer name

  • TUI booking reference

  • Flight number

  • Date of flight and the route taken

  • Your postal address

Start Your Claim

The easiest way to begin your TUI flight delay claim is to go through a claims management company. With legal professionals at their disposal, they review your case and liaise with the airline on your behalf. With all flight data available, they can see which flight you were on and how affected you were, making sure that you get the full amount of compensation you’re due.

Claims Management Company

There are various companies that are able to process your claim. The main benefit of using a claims company is that you won’t have to do anything. Should the airline disagree that you have a claim, the company is able to take them to court for you. As they operate on a no win, no fee basis, your TUI flight delay claim is secure.

Start your claim by clicking on the button below to find your flight.

Contact TUI

You do have the option of pursuing a TUI flight delay claim yourself. With the relevant information, you can get in contact with the airline and get them to review your case. Within a few weeks, they should respond and tell you their decision. If TUI doesn’t believe they are at fault, or the claim is invalid, they will inform you at this point.

Sometimes airlines may be waiting on the results of relevant court cases before they make a decision about your claim. This can delay it even further as court cases for individual circumstances can take months (or years) to resolve.

Escalate the Complaint

If TUI doesn’t agree that you have a valid claim, but you think you do, you can progress it even further. Escalating your TUI flight delay claim to the alternative dispute resolution scheme is the next step. Aviation ADR is the independent party that will review your claim to see if you’re rightly due compensation. They will outline their decision to both you and TUI.

Contact the Regulator

Airport Isometric

If Aviation ADR doesn’t believe you have a valid TUI flight delay claim, your last hope is to contact the regulator. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the airline regulator in the UK, and they are the last hurdle to see if you can receive your flight delay compensation. The CAA can ask the airline to pay you, but any legal obligation can only be obtained through the courts.

Avoid the Hassle - Start Your TUI Flight Delay Claim

If the airline doesn’t think you have a valid claim, there are a lot of hurdles to pass through in order to get the compensation you deserve. To skip all the hassle, you can just use a claims management company instead. Rather than waiting for months on end for any news of your TUI flight delay claim, you can relax knowing that a team of legal professionals are sorting your case for you.

Reasons to Use a Claims Management Company

  • Quick and effective

  • Team of legal professionals able to liaise with TUI and (if needed) the courts

  • Works in the background so you can carry on with your life

  • No constant back-and-forth between you and the airline (or dispute resolution or the regulator)

  • Capable of winning your case if you’ve exhausted all other options

If you’re ready to start your TUI flight delay claim, click on the button below to find your flight.

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