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Fix Your Home and Claim With a Housing Disrepair Team

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Mar 06, 2024
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  • What a specialist team can do
  • How a housing disrepair team works for you
  • Receive compensation for the inconvenience

When you’re a tenant, you should feel protected. A landlord has responsibilities to ensure your home is perfectly liveable, and if they are leaving issues unresolved, it can be a cause for concern. This is where a housing disrepair team can come in useful.

This article will explain what a housing disrepair team in the UK is capable of. It will detail the issues you could face as a tenant that your landlord is obliged to fix and what to do if your calls for help go unheard.

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What Is Housing Disrepair?

Any issues you may have with your home that cause general inconvenience or unliveable conditions are supposed to be rectified by your landlord. These include faults with windows, locking mechanisms and dodgy wiring.

When you experience these issues, you should report them to your landlord. If they either ignore you or refuse to conduct the repairs, you could be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim. This legally forces your landlord to perform fixes, and can entitle you to compensation at the same time.

What Does a Housing Disrepair Team Do?

As a council or housing association tenant, you may often feel as though you’re being overlooked. A housing disrepair team simply performs the process for you. They have power behind them, which gives your case more weight.

They are capable of performing the following:

  • Property inspection

  • Communication channels

  • Legal guidance

  • Repair co-ordination

  • Quality control

Property Inspection

It’s often difficult to determine problems without looking at them first. A thorough housing disrepair team will be on hand to assess the damage to your property. They will also be able to advise whether the issue lies with you as the tenant or the landlord, housing association or council.

Communication Channels

Once it’s established that your issues need to be repaired, the housing disrepair team will liaise with the landlord on your behalf. The team will work with both parties to provide clear and effective communication. This ensures your concerns are properly voiced and relayed.

You will also be kept up to date with what the team is doing at any one time. This is much more advantageous than simply waiting to hear back from your landlord. There’s a team fighting your corner.

Legal Guidance

Responsibility for issues can be a bit unclear at times. Communicating with your housing disrepair team will ensure you won’t be held accountable for repairs that aren’t your responsibility.

Additionally, their legal expertise will help you understand the different options available to you. Should you need to take your case to court, the housing disrepair team will do this for you.

Repair Co-ordination

Being experts in housing disrepair claims, these teams have the contacts to conduct suitable repairs to your property. Qualified contractors will be tasked with making right any issues to your home.

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A housing disrepair team ensures that any repairs are conducted quickly and efficiently. Once your home is back up to the required standards, you can have a liveable home once more.

Quality Control

Finally, part of the housing disrepair team will inspect your home again to make sure the repairs have been completed satisfactorily. As a final check, it makes sure that you as the tenant are not under any more risk or discomfort.

Issues a Housing Disrepair Team Can Investigate

There are a number of issues that qualify for a housing disrepair claim. As a rule of thumb, if a property is not fit to live in, it shouldn’t be rented out. Any problems that make a home uninhabitable come under this definition.

A housing disrepair team will cover:

  • Damp and mould

  • Unsafe flooring/stairs

  • Faulty electrics

  • Gas/water leaks or drainage problems

  • Faulty heating system

  • Structural issues

  • Vermin or pest infestation

  • Guttering issues

  • Window and door faults

Should you be suffering as a result of any of the above issues, a UK housing disrepair team can help you. Don’t suffer in silence. Don’t hope someone will get in contact with you. Make a claim, and get your home back under control.

Can I Receive Compensation For a Housing Disrepair Claim?

It is possible to receive a financial sum for the inconvenience caused. Your settlement will depend on how long the issues have persisted without being remedied, as well as the length of time it takes to repair.

A housing disrepair team can negotiate your compensation based on personal damage, property damage and general inconvenience. While 100% of your rent is unlikely, you will normally see 25–50% of it as recompense.

Personal Damage

Similar to a personal injury claim, you can receive compensation for your housing disrepair issues if they’ve caused you physical or mental harm. Whether that’s severe issues like pneumonia or to cover your medical costs as a direct result of the issue, you could be due a sum.

Property Damage

Any belongings that have been damaged or need to be replaced can be claimed for. The cost of repairs or replacements of bedding, clothes, furniture or fittings will count towards your compensation.

General Inconvenience

Sometimes, issues can prevent you from using a room. Leaks or damages to bathrooms or kitchens are more than annoying as it effectively means you can’t use your home for its intended purpose. This is enough to receive compensation.

Your dedicated housing disrepair team will explain how your repairs translate into compensation.

Fixing Your Housing Disrepair Issues

When your housing disrepair team resolves the issue with your landlord, there will be a few different outcomes. Should the courts get involved, your landlord will either have to perform the repairs or pass the task on to you.

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If you’re ordered to fix any issues, it’s usually agreed that the cost is deducted from future rental payments. By making use of a housing disrepair team, they can perform the repairs for you so you’ve got less to stress about. With professional contractors available to them, you can rest easy.

In rare cases, repairs can be quite extensive, which will require you to be elsewhere while your home is fixed. This entitles you to 100% of your rent for the duration of remedial works.

How to Make a Claim

Before you start a claim for housing disrepair against your landlord, you need to have given them a reasonable amount of time to first remedy the issue.

Before you get in touch with a housing disrepair team, you need to have gone through the following steps:

  1. Contact your landlord to report the repair (this is the same for council housing and housing associations)

  2. Correspondence should be in writing and, ideally, date stamped

  3. Give your landlord a reasonable time frame that you’d like them to fix the issue

  4. Wait to hear back from them

  5. Should at least 20 days pass by without a word or part of a fix, you can then claim for housing disrepair

When you claim, the housing disrepair team will take control of the situation. Not only will you be kept informed of progress, but your home will become liveable again.

Reasons to Claim

  • Fix unresolved issues

  • Reclaim peace of mind

  • Legal advice and expertise

  • Compensation for your troubles

  • Make your voice heard
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A council or housing association may not seem to want to repair any issues you present them with. When your home becomes unliveable, and you’re suffering as a result, it makes sense to use a housing disrepair team. By claiming, your home gets fixed and then you can receive compensation as an added bonus. It really is a win-win situation.

It can sometimes be a struggle to get your voice heard in a sea of complaints. If you’re actively being ignored and have given your landlord plenty of opportunity to make things right, then making a claim may be the only other avenue left. A housing disrepair team works on your behalf to make sure your home is secure again.

Without using a housing disrepair team to advance your claim, your only other option would be the courts. However, this can be costly and will drain your finances quickly. It is also a daunting process for many. Using legal experts to do this for you can simply speed up your claim and resolve it for you.

Start Your Claim

Whether you’re after a council or social housing disrepair team, you can rely on their specialty to help you out. They will be able to tell you if you have a valid claim, and will maximise the amount of compensation you should receive as a result.

As a tenant, you should feel safe and secure in your home. Start feeling that again by taking action against your unresponsive landlord. Get your property back up to standard by starting your claim.

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