Helping you fight against financial wrongdoing

We are Money Back Helpdesk, and welcome to our website. Based in Hampshire, our team is dedicated to help fight against financial wrongdoing. From money that may have been taken from you unfairly to making sure you benefit from eligible tax rebates, we’ve got you covered.

The list of areas where we can help include the below:

  • Marriage Tax Allowance

  • Working from Home Tax Relief

  • PPI Tax Refund

  • Uniform Tax Relief

  • Mis-sold PCP Finance

  • Packaged Bank Accounts

  • Plevin PPI Claims

  • Housing Disrepair Claims

  • Flight Delay Claims

  • Diesel Emissions Claims

Whether you’re looking to make a tax claim or a financial claim on a product you may have taken out in the past, we can help. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands as Money Back Helpdesk is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This website consists of detailed articles that help you understand whether you are eligible for a particular claim or tax relief. They are backed up by big names you can trust, so you know the information is correct and up to date. After reading through the information on this site, you should be reliably informed about your case.

If you’d like to make a claim or start the process of receiving tax back, you can make use of our quick and easy to use eligibility checker. By filling in your details, you can get a claims management company to deal with all the paperwork for you. Different products come with varying time frames for this to happen.

On a weekly basis, we publish blogs covering recent financial information and government incentives. You can stay up to date with topical news and various other related content in this section.

We also run two sister sites. Eco Quote Today is a greener site dedicated to helping homeowners be more eco friendly. It features free quotes and useful advice on environmental technologies and incentives. Home Improvement Quote Today provides help, advice and free quotes with your home improvement needs.