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How to Make a Vauxhall Diesel Emissions Claim

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: May 22, 2023
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  • Full details of the Vauxhall diesel emissions claim
  • Quick eligibility check for Vauxhall diesel emissions claim
  • Why making a diesel emissions claim matters

Since the VW dieselgate scandal, other car manufacturers have been under scrutiny to make sure drivers haven’t been affected by cars that cheat emissions tests. Vauxhall has been making cars since 1903, and introduced diesel engines to the road in 1938. You may be able to make a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim against them though.

Despite car manufacturers looking to go electric in the future, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t been cheating emissions tests at some point. Before we leave diesel engines in the past, it’s worth inspecting every vehicle manufacturer. Volkswagen paid a massive £193 million outside of court against claimants, so a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim could end up being worthwhile.

This article will explain all you need to know about making a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim. It will detail which models are affected and explain how you can start the claims process.

Vauxhall badge on steering wheel overlooking the dashboard

Vauxhall Defeat Devices

Over 1 million Vauxhall drivers in the UK could be entitled to compensation after reports of defeat devices being discovered in their vehicles. According to the discovery, 600,000 vehicles were affected between 2009 and 2019, but Vauxhall denies any wrongdoing. In effect, these devices don’t replicate real world conditions and hide the true levels of nitrous oxides (NOₓ) they produce. The report has effectively opened up Vauxhall diesel emissions claims to all their drivers.

Excessive levels of NOₓ are not only illegal and harmful to the environment, but they can mean your vehicle has worse fuel economy. The purchase price of the car was also likely to have been affected. By joining a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim together with other affected road users, you can receive some compensation for this.

Which Models Are Affected?

You are eligible to make a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim if you bought, financed or leased a diesel vehicle between 2009 and 2019. As the case is still being looked at, more models are coming to light. You are able to join the claim if you had one (or more) of the following models:

Car in Garage Isometric
  • Astra

  • Cascada

  • Corsa

  • Insignia

  • Mokka

  • Movano

  • Zafira

Reasons to Make a Vauxhall Diesel Emissions Claim

It’s Worth Your Time

Even if you no longer own the car anymore, you might not not think it’s worth your time to make a claim. With potentially thousands of pounds in compensation due, there’s not many reasons why you shouldn’t join a group claim against the manufacturer. All you need to do is perform a preliminary Vauxhall diesel emissions claim check by going through the points below.

You can claim if you:

  • Were the registered owner of a diesel vehicle between 2009 and 2019

  • Bought your vehicle outright

  • Financed it

  • Leased the car

  • Had a brand new Vauxhall

  • Bought second hand

Alternatively, you can simply check your eligibility by filling in your details.

Vehicle Performance

Exhaust Emissions Vector

One of the main reasons why you should consider making a claim against Vauxhall is that any affected vehicle will have to undergo changes that could make for a worse fuel economy. You’ll be out of pocket for a car that was never as economical as advertised. A Vauxhall diesel emissions claim effectively compensates you for a badly polluting vehicle. More NOₓ emissions and additional refuelling account for worse vehicle performance, and you may not have bought the car in the first place had you known the extent of these issues.

Hold Big Corporations Accountable

Despite evidence against Vauxhall sparking the whole debate, the manufacturer rejected the claims.

“Vauxhall Motors is not aware of any such claim and rejects any accusation of using illegal defeat devices. Our vehicles meet the applicable regulations.”

Vauxhall Spokesperson - Vauxhall Pay Up Campaign

Promising a certain level of environmental emissions and delivering another is not acceptable industry practice. Defeat devices or similar software can make vehicles appear more environmentally-friendly than they actually are, and the potential lies of big corporations should be challenged. You can hold companies like this to account by making a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim.

Corporate Accountability Vectors

How to Make a Diesel Emissions Claim

Taking a vehicle manufacturer to court yourself would not be possible. A Group Litigation Order is being taken out against Vauxhall, which works in everyone’s favour. All claimants are grouped together and treated as one, making sure that the same verdict is reached for all parties involved. This leaves out any danger of some individuals being rejected for a claim and others being successful. You can make a Vauxhall diesel emissions claim in one of the following ways: through a claims management company or by approaching a law firm directly.

Law Firm

Not every law firm will be taking diesel emissions claims to court, so it’s important to check. You will need to approach your chosen law firm and make sure you understand their terms and conditions. They are usually no win, no fee, but also best to check.

Claims Management Company

Specifically focusing on Vauxhall diesel emissions claims, these companies are actively looking to help affected customers. You provide your details and they handle the entire process for you. They will check your eligibility and will let you know if you have grounds to make a claim. You can fill in your details using the links on this page.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

Milberg London, the law firm behind Mercedes and Vauxhall diesel emissions claims, believes that affected drivers could be entitled to compensation between 25% and 75% of what they paid for their car. Providing the case is successful in court, they believe that customers will be able to receive at least a few thousand pounds each.

“We believe Vauxhall cheated the emissions tests and failed their customers. They knew what the emissions rules were, and they developed software to get around them. It is time to hold them to account.”

Milberg London - Vauxhall Pay Up Campaign

Currently, the exact figure is unknown that claimants can receive, as the matter could also be resolved outside of the courtroom. Milberg London believes at least £2,500 could be available for every Vauxhall diesel emissions claim. This does depend on whether they win the case or not.

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