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All You Need to Know About Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Feb 29, 2024
6 minutes read
  • Claim up to £520 in Jet2 flight delay compensation
  • UK and EU regulations cover Jet2 flight delays
  • Options if your Jet2 compensation gets rejected

British regulations protect your rights as an air passenger. This affects how you might qualify and receive any compensation for a flight delay. Jet2, like all other airlines, is obligated to offer a returns policy. If you’ve suffered delays and disruptions and you were affected by this airline, you may be able to apply for Jet2 flight delay compensation.

This article will detail exactly what Jet2’s terms and conditions are and how you can qualify for compensation. It will detail what airlines must do in the case of flight disruption, how much you could be entitled to and how to go about claiming Jet2 flight delay compensation

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What Are the Rules for Flight Delays?

Before you’re entitled to any money back, you need to understand what counts as a flight delay. In the eyes of regulators and airlines, a flight that takes off late doesn’t necessarily qualify. It needs to have landed at least three hours later than intended for any financial outcome to be redeemable. Jet2 flight delay compensation covers the same rules as all other British airlines.

What About Flights That Are Cancelled?

If you’ve suffered from a Jet2 flight cancellation with less than two weeks’ notice, they must offer you alternative transport to your destination. You can always take a full refund if you no longer wish to travel. Compensation for a cancellation can only be claimed if you arrive late to your final destination.

EU Regulations

Under EC Regulation 261/2004, air passenger rights are protected in regards to compensation for delays or if your flight has been cancelled. €600 compensation is the highest amount you can apply for under EU law. With an EU flight, you can claim Jet2 flight delay compensation through this regulation, but UK regulations also cover it.

This means that any EU regulated flight that departs or arrives at a European airport is covered by these regulations, meaning you are protected in the case of flight delays.

UK Regulations

The UK duplicated the EU regulation after Brexit, effectively copying over the same rights for air passengers that were protected for flight delay cancellations. This enables you to claim up to £520 for Jet2 flight delay compensation, depending on the length of your flight and how long it was delayed for.

The UK regulations protect air passengers for any flights that depart or arrive at a UK or EU airport. A connecting flight is also covered, providing it’s from the same airline. Any flight that’s not regulated under EU or UK law won’t offer you the same protection, so you may not be able to claim flight delay compensation from them.

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Reasons to Claim

You are able to claim up to £520 per passenger for any Jet2 flight delays you may have experienced, either recently or in the past. If you’ve only just found out about this, you can go as far back as six years to claim Jet2 flight delay compensation, which gives you plenty of time to receive any money for the inconvenience.

Some of the main reasons you’re able to claim flight delay compensation from Jet2 are:

  • The flight was delayed by at least three hours

  • The flight was cancelled less than 14 days in advance

  • You were denied boarding due to overbooking

Most importantly, you can only claim Jet2 flight delay compensation if the delay was the fault of the airline. You also have a limit of six years to make a claim. Any longer than this and the airline will most likely reject it. In Scotland, this limit is only five years.

Qualifying Jet2 Delay Reasons

  • Airline crew lateness

  • Airline sickness or strikes

  • Cancellation due to underbooking

  • Routine technical problems

What Doesn’t Count?

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The following are considered extraordinary circumstances, which are not covered.

  • Bad weather

  • Airport strikes

  • Political issues

  • Safety issues or security risks

  • Decisions by air traffic control

  • Unusual technical problems

In some instances, when making a claim for Jet2 flight delay compensation, the airline could try to argue that one circumstance was outside of their control. This may not have been the case, but there are ways to plead your case after receiving this decision, which are outlined at the end of this article.

How Long Will It Take?

There is no hard and fast rule with claiming Jet2 flight delay compensation. Sometimes your case may need to be reviewed or might need to be put on hold until a similar court case has been settled. In regular circumstances, it could be as quick as a few weeks, but if there is a bit of a delay, it could be as long as a few months.

If the airline doesn’t believe you have a claim, but you do, you can always escalate your claim through other avenues. This will delay how long your claim for flight delay compensation from Jet2 will take, but if you receive a big payout at the end, it will be worth waiting for.

Does Jet2 Have Any Specific Rules?

Whether your flight was delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation regardless. The airline specifies that you must have the following in order to qualify for Jet2 flight delay compensation:

  • Confirmed reservation (within the last six years)

  • Paid a fare available to the general public

  • Checked in at the airport on time

What Does Jet2 Delayed Flight Compensation Not Cover?

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According to the Jet2 website, they are not accepting claims that come under crew sickness. The Supreme Court is looking into whether compensation should be paid in this event, so once a verdict is reached, they will update their policy to reflect this. For the meantime, you should be able to claim Jet2 flight delay compensation for all other airline faults.

How Much Can You Claim for Jet2 Flight Delays?

The amount you can receive for Jet2 flight delay compensation depends on the distance of the flight and how long it was delayed for. Air passengers can claim up to £520 each for a delayed flight that was over 3,500km long and delayed for longer than four hours.

If the same 3,500km flight was delayed for three hours or more, the total compensation goes down to £250 or £260. This depends if the flight was between a UK or EU airport and a non-EU one.

For short flights, up to 1,500km long, the most amount of Jet2 flight delay compensation you can qualify for is £220. The flight must land at least three hours late to its destination for you to be eligible for compensation.

You can see different amounts of Jet2 compensation for delayed flights in the graph below.

How to Claim Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation

The best way to receive compensation for Jet2 flight delays is to make sure you have enough evidence to start with. You can go about it several ways too, giving you flexibility. If the airline rejects your claim for Jet2 flight delay compensation, you can always challenge their result.

Information Needed

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Before processing your claim for Jet2 flight delays or cancellation, you will need the following information:

  • Address

  • Booking reference

  • Name (for each passenger)

  • Flight number

  • The date of flight and the route

Use a Claims Management Company

If all the continuous back and forth sounds like too much hassle or your claim has been rejected by the airline, you can always make use of a claims management company. They put you in touch with firms that specialise in Jet2 flight delay compensation and will deal with your claim for you.

Liaising with Jet2, a claims management company takes all the hard work and stress out of making a claim. As the legal teams they put you in touch with know the ins and outs of flight delays, they can tell if you have a valid claim and can process it quickly for you. If you’re coming close to the six year deadline and you don’t have time to apply for Jet2 flight delay compensation yourself, it could be best to use a claims management company.

Similarly, if court is the only option available after you’ve gone to make a claim yourself, the process can be incredibly daunting and you may not want to do this yourself. By getting a claims company to manage your Jet2 flight delay compensation in court, they can take this stress off your hands entirely and get you what you deserve.

Reasons to Use a Claims Company

  • Expertise in claims knowledge and airline communication

  • You might make errors in your application, but a claims company won't

  • No effort needed

  • Speedy compensation process

  • Can take the airline to court on your behalf

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