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How Much Compensation Will You Get for a Delayed TUI Flight?

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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  • How does TUI flight delay compensation work?
  • Claims can be resolved in 4–12 weeks
  • What to do if flight delayed compensation gets rejected by the airline

Formerly Thomson Airways, TUI Airways rebranded back in 2017. Like all airlines, you can claim TUI flight delay compensation if you arrived at your destination at least three hours later than you should have done. Providing the airline was at fault, you can be compensated for their error. Under UK and EU regulations, your rights as an air passenger are protected.

This article will go into detail about how TUI lays out its terms and conditions. It will detail how much you’re entitled to and how to go about making a claim for TUI flight delay compensation. If you’ve had to endure an uncomfortably long delay for your flight, it makes sense to claim from the airline responsible.

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Regulations for Flight Delays

The EU was the first to put air passenger rights into a uniform structure. Whether the airline delayed or cancelled your flight, your rights entitle you to compensation. Flight delay is counted from when the aeroplane lands at its destination and one of the doors is open. If the flight arrives three or more hours later than intended, you can claim TUI flight delay compensation.

What About Cancelled Flights?

If the airline cancelled your flight with less than 14 days’ notice, they must offer you alternative transport to your destination. You can decide at this point whether to be refunded your ticket price if you’d rather not travel. With compensation for a cancellation, this is calculated based on how delayed your alternative flight is.

EU Law

Introduced in 2005, the EC Regulation 261/2004 forced airlines to use the same rules and definitions of flight delays and cancellations. Your rights as an individual are protected for airlines based in the EU. The most amount you can receive for TUI flight delay compensation under this regulation is €600.

Services to and from European airports from EU regulated airlines must follow these regulations. TUI delayed flight compensation comes under this law.

UK Law

Following Brexit, the UK transferred the EU flight regulation into law. This made sure to protect airline passengers after the end of freedom of movement between the UK and EU. The same rights are protected, but under the UK regulation the maximum amount you can receive for TUI flight delay compensation is £520.

A UK or EU regulated airline that arrives or departs from the UK or EU is covered by these regulations. When it comes to connecting flights, the airline must compensate you if a delay causes you to miss it. Even though non UK or EU airlines may not offer the same level of protection, you can claim TUI flight delay compensation if you fly from or back to the UK.

How Flight Delay Works

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Every passenger is entitled to compensation for a delayed TUI flight. Anyone affected by the delay can claim compensation of up to £520 for a flight that happened as far as six years ago. If multiple passengers were on the same journey, you can claim this amount for every party member. For a family of four, for example, making a claim for TUI flight delay compensation will give you over £2,000!

You can only claim from the airline if:

  • You experienced a flight delay of at least three hours

  • You received a flight cancellation without at least 14 days’ notice

  • The flight was overbooked and you were denied boarding

As long as the airline was responsible for not reaching your final destination on time, you can claim TUI flight delay compensation. Additionally, a claim for any delay that happened longer than six years ago will likely be rejected by the airline. This is because it’s the limit for making legal proceedings. In Scotland, this is only five years.

TUI Airline Delays Within Their Control

  • Airline crew lateness

  • Airline sickness or strikes

  • Cancellation due to underbooking

  • Routine technical problems

Extraordinary Circumstances

The factors outlined below do not qualify for TUI flight delay compensation as they are outside of the airline’s control.

  • Extreme weather conditions (bad weather that won’t allow for takeoff)

  • Airport strikes

  • Political issues

  • Safety issues or security risks

  • Decisions by air traffic control

  • Unusual technical problems

When pursuing a claim, it’s possible that the airline might try to reason that something wasn’t in their control. You may still be eligible for compensation in this instance as you can complain to a higher body the airline is part of. Escalating complaints about rejected TUI flight delay compensation is covered later in this article.

How Long Does It Take to Claim?

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As the airline has to review every case individually, it might take a few weeks or a few months to receive anything. Sometimes, airlines can be waiting for results of court cases before they process your application for TUI flight delay compensation. This just means you have to wait a little longer.

In most cases, the claims process will only take a few weeks. It’s only when the airline disagrees that they are at fault that the process can be delayed. Even if they come to this decision, you may still be able to claim.

TUI Flight Delay Rules

All airlines detail their terms and conditions differently. Even if TUI delayed or cancelled your flight, they have obligations to fulfil. To claim TUI flight delay compensation, you need to have (or have done) the following:

  • A valid reservation confirmation within the last six years

  • Paid a fare directly or indirectly available to the general public

  • Gone through check-in on time

TUI Airlines specifies that even if you booked a holiday through them but didn’t sit on a TUI flight, you won’t be able to claim TUI flight delay compensation. If a different airline took you to your destination, you will have to claim with them instead.

How Much Can I Get In TUI Flight Delay Compensation?

The two factors that affect how much you are entitled to are the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. The highest amount you can get in TUI flight delay compensation is £520 for a journey that was longer than 3,500km and delayed for at least four hours.

For a flight within Europe between 1,500km and 3,500km that was delayed for three hours, you can receive £350 in TUI flight delay compensation. This is the same if the fight was from the UK.

Short flights, up to 1,500km long, only qualify for £220 compensation if they were delayed by at least three hours. This means you can receive anything between £220 and £520 in compensation.

If you’re really unsure, you can make use of our compensation calculator to see how much you might be eligible for.

You can see full amounts for TUI flight delays for compensation in the interactive graph below.

How to Claim TUI Flight Delay Compensation

You can claim compensation in a number of different ways. It’s also easier if you have as much information about your delayed flight as possible. The good news is, even if the airline rejects you for TUI flight delay compensation, you can still pursue other avenues.

Make Sure You Have the Following

It helps your case if you have the basic documents or information outlined below.

1st Class Boarding Pass Vector
  • Address

  • Booking reference

  • Your name (and any additional passengers)

  • Flight number

  • Date of the flight

  • Route taken

Claims Management Companies Can Help

You can use a claims management company to submit your claim for you at any stage of the process, but it can be useful to do this if court is the only option left for you. Claims companies have legal professionals that specialise in getting TUI flight delay compensation, so they can fight the courts for you.

Using a company that specialises in flight delay regulation takes the stress out of claiming money back. They know if you have a valid claim and how much you are entitled to. If you don’t have the time to contact the airline or the capability, a claims company works on your behalf to get you the TUI flight delay compensation you deserve.

Court cases may fill you with dread or put you entirely out of your comfort zone. With legal representatives at their disposal, claims management companies can settle your claim in court with no issue. Having a helping hand in claiming TUI flight delay compensation could be all you need to get a successful claim.

Reasons to Use a Claims Company

  • They specialise in liaising with airlines and know the process inside and out
  • It takes the chance of error out of the process
  • You don't have to do anything
  • The company has speedy communication with airlines
  • Can take the airline to court for you if necessary

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